About Us

It was mid September 2016.

My professor at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising asked our class to find and share a current event about the fashion industry.

I stumbled upon an article in the Washington post, "Designers refuse to make clothes to fit American women. It's a disgrace." Written by design educator, author, and Emmy-winning co-host of 'Project Runway', Tim Gunn, the article highlighted how the American fashion industry turned its back on plus sized women.

As I finished reading that article, my life flashed through my eyes. From when I was a self-proclaimed "husky"/"big boned" kid, too big to wear what the other kids were wearing; to the moment I hit puberty, lost the baby weight, and had this whole world of fashion open up to me.

Fashion is an incredible tool. A tool people use to express themselves, to pick themselves up when they’re down, or just to feel like they’re on top of the world. And because the fashion industry has long forgotten about plus size girls, it’s a tool that many women grew up without.

Things have changed quite a bit since 2016 when I started my journey into plus sizes - more national brands are becoming size inclusive; plus size mannequins can be seen in stores like Target and Walmart; and I’ve personally developed and created thousands of plus size clothes for several national brands,

My name is Jim Lee and I want to create plus size clothes and not be limited by retail constraints. L I V D (liv·id) was born to help plus size women create moments of memorable beauty. To bring about a fashion revelation to women, who have for too long, been pushed to the dimly lit sections in the back of the stores.

L I V D is Designed and Made in USA.