Our story

While attending FIDM, Jim stumbled upon an article by Tim Gunn, the designer educator, author, and Emmy-winning co-host of 'Project Runway'.

The article, titled "Tim Gunn: Designers refuse to make clothes to fit American women. It’s a disgrace," highlighted how most designers maxed out at a size 12.

(The article was written in 2016 and thankfully many things have changed since then.)

That's when Jim realized that the average American woman was a size 16-18, but that there was only a small handful of companies that catered to them.

Childhood memories flooded his mind. Memories of being called fat and being teased about the clothes he wore.

At the time, he could barely find clothes that could fit him. And if they fit, they fit poorly.

So for the longest time, he didn't really like clothes.

They weren't flattering on him nor did they make him feel good.

Then he met Fashion.

He realized that Fashion could transform you into whoever you wanted to be.

Speak volumes without saying a word.

But where was Fashion for plus sizes?

Livid (L I V D) about the lack of choices curvy women had, he and his family have embarked on a journey to create beautiful and exciting pieces for plus sizes.

Their plus size boutique features basics that can be worn daily to pieces that retailers never knew their customers wanted.